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Barista Training at Africa Black

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Cupping in progress

Coffee one of the most traded commodities in the world, a conversation starter, the best way to network and catch up with friends, colleagues and family, the most popular term used lets meet for a coffee, who can resist a comforting cuppa.

Freshly ground coffee

We often hear is that a single origin or a blend, is it smooth and balanced or is it acidic, welcome to my world of coffee, sharing various coffees on here and on my Instagram and social media platforms, I have tried almost every way to drink coffee from Turkish pots, moka pot, French press, capsules, instant and the list continues, for as long as I can remember I have said I will grow my coffee knowledge and go for that Barista course, guess what I did it!

For someone who used to drink sugar in coffee and drink cappuccinos with cream, my coffee journey has changed a lot, I now drink my coffee with plant based milk normally almond milk and no sugar, how do you take your coffee?

Kalpesh and I visited Africa black and spent 2 mornings with Debbie our trainer, and wow did we have fun! A morning of laughter and series of some serious coffee questions, we learnt so much from roasting beans to perfection, coffee cupping, the slurping part is fun! to creating our unique blends where ratios are so important for consistency, we learnt how to make espressos and my favorite latte art.

Debbie our trainer Our unique blends. Machine ready.

Africa black offers affordable barista training and coffee courses to suit your budget, an absolute must as a couple event or a mini team building, once you attend this course you will appreciate coffee so much more.

Latte art isn’t for the faint hearted and it’s all in the wrist, with lots of practice you can create some pretty amazing designs, be patient and keep practicing. Creating my first latte art heart was the ultimate feeling of satisfaction!

Latte art my first heart. Check out the Africa Black website and book your course it’s so worth it, I am slowly working my way through the menu at Africa black, the pizzas and tramazinis are delicious the coffee has to be the ultimate! The vintage blend is very popular and a must try!

Loads of Coffee love ☕️♥️

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