Awareness through Mindful Eating 

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Eating mindfully, is perhaps one of the most challenging Lifestyle changes yet.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating in a rush, not even realizing, what we consuming, today I am sharing some easy to follow steps, to stay on track.

  • Drink plenty of water, ensure you well hydrated.
  • Pack your lunch the night before, this is a time saver.
  • Shop for healthy snacks to carry in your bag.
  • Read the labels of what you buying, google is there for when we have no idea what some things mean.
  • Lessen the sugar intake in your meals.
  • Detox occasionally.
  • Get plenty of rest, this is at least 6+ hours of sleep daily.
  • Try snacking on carrots or seeds, instead of reaching for that chocolate bar.
  • Make your own smoothies.
  • Excercise, if you not keen on becoming a gym bunny, there are other options: walking, jogging, dancing.
  • Planting your own herbs for cooking, a huge cost saver.
  • Stock up on healthy ingriedients, it’s worth the investment.

The investment is your health and well being, we tend to spend a lot cash on clothing, entertainment, let’s consider investing in ourselves and our health.

Wellness Warehouse a brand that supports healthy living, are opening stores near you, be on the lookout for great opening specials.

Pictured, some healthy gluten and sugar free, options that are guilt free, sold in wellness warehouse stores.

There’s a variety of products, available for a healthier balanced lifestyle, it takes a quick visit a Wellness Warehouse Store to ask for advice from the friendly staff.
A healthy body, promotes a healthy mind and Spirit! 


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