Are you reducing your carbon footprint?

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It’s been a few weeks of introspection, reflecting on how we use our time and resources, I would love to share some thoughts on this, let me know what you think.

I have been looking for ways to save time, energy and reduce my Carbon Footprint, have implemented some changes in my daily living.

What if we have to have more Skype or Video calls, instead of driving or flying far away to meet with someone who can see us on the screen, and this can have the same impact as being there?

Recycling wherever I possibly can is very important, this saves our planet in ways we never imagined.

Planting my own herbs and vegetables, it’s a safer way to enjoy food that are not sprayed with chemicals.

Donating old clothing, buying only what I really need, becoming mindful of the clothing industry and resources required to make every garment.

Using natural products that are not tested on animals, safer for the environment.

Carrying my own material shopping bags, for my shopping.

Using technology as a tool to assist us in saving money, time and energy is a big mindset change, how many of you are up for the challenge?

What changes have you made? Would love to hear from you.

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