Welcome to my Lifestyle blog showcasing Beauty, Wellness, Travel, Coffee, my mission is to live as sustainably as possible to reduce my carbon footprint through my daily lifestyle.

Based in  Johannesburg, South Africa,  A coffee lover often joking around calling myself a Barista wannabe, in all seriousness I finally took a barista course, I’m learning more daily about various methods of brewing, flavor profiles creating the most decadent aromatic cup of Coffee.

Passionate about all things Beautiful, from interiors, to Travel, Mouthwatering cuisine, the chance to experience different cultures, learning different skills wherever possible, currently learning more on gardening and sustainability, hoping to take herb gardens to the next level by freely supplying fresh herbs and veggies to those in the vicinity.

A bit of background I Studied Art & Design along with a Diploma in Aesthetics, International qualification in Beauty & Skincare, Energy healing courses, Content creation courses.

Join in on my Instagram feed once a month on Tuesday’s for Coffee conversations as we chat about a variety of topics with amazing people over a cup of coffee.

If you do join in share the love drop a comment. 


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