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A Couple session with a Mystic Sister

We had an opportunity to have a session with Mellissa, a Skype call that put things into perspective in so many ways.

For those of you out there, that are skeptics, if you haven’t experienced a session of this nature you have no idea what you are missing out on. We are all connected in ways we cannot explain. It’s a beautiful gift to receive clarity and guidance from a lady that’s so open and ready to share her wisdom.

Readings give you insight and clarity, this allows you to plan your goals in a productive successful way custom to every individual.

We have been given tools to work on our journey together, this is an exciting new start to this journey!

A bit about Mystic Sisters:

Mystic Sisters, Mellissa and Jayshree Mallaya have become a household name Globally. They are intuitive readers, who have read the palms and cards of stars from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Achievements and offerings:

  • Written and published a best selling book Palm reading and positive thinking
  • Products
  • Palmreading
  • Tarot readings
  • Couples pathfinding breakthrough
  • Intuitive life coaching
  • Karmic Soul readings
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Telephonic and skype consultations.
  • Radio show host/guest.
  • Columnist and contributor.
  • Public Speaking

Mellissa is based in London, she followed her path and is making a great contribution to the community in the U.k.

Company Overview

To promote mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing from the bedroom to the boardroom. Giving you the power to perfect your future!


Mystic Sisters was founded by sisters Mellissa & Jayshree Mallaya a decade and a half ago. Their accuracy in readings have profiled them in magazines, newspapers, televions and on radio shows internationally. Mystic Sisters are a household name in South Africa and are quite popular with the Bollywood and Hollywood stars that visit our shores.

Mellissa together with her sister Jayshree Mallaya have become household names in south Africa, appearing on nearly every television talk show and hosted a few radio shows as well.

They co-wrote a book which was a number 4 bestseller in south Africa Palm~reading & Positive Thinking.

Thank you for sharing your spiritual gift and insight with us.

To get in touch with Mellissa:

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