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A bit of Coffee Conversations..

Almond cappuccino from Dc Coffee

Coffee stories have to be the best creation ever, it’s amazing how we link nostalgic moments to an aromatic cuppa coffee, some moments happy and some not so happy, and rather sad and bleak. Who doesn’t love that saying we all know so dearly let’s meet for a coffee or catch-up over a coffee.

Coffee rituals for me are serious and fun connecting and meeting new people a chance to learn more, engage with new people and maybe start a business or a creative brainstorming idea could emerge from a coffee date?

What has been your most defining moment while meeting someone for a cuppa coffee? I have had many from breakups to amazing creative ideas for art projects back on campus, to good and bad news so many moments linked to a cuppa! The best memory I can think of right now is when my husband decided on this particular coffee date that he wanted to marry me and I was the one! So yes coffee and the connections we make over it is vital!

Africa black vintage blend

What makes a seriously good cuppa coffee? Well it’s a process from bean to cup and finding the right balance for you that’s not bitter rather more balanced, here are a few tips to a great cuppa.

  • Boiling water to start with
  • French press or plunger
  • Ground coffee
  • Milk and sugar if required
  • A balanced cuppa is brewed for 4 minutes, you can taste the difference, froth your milk for extra dimension to your coffee or add it as it it’s a preference, drinking coffee without sugar gives your cup a more authentic flavor profile that sugar can hide.
Coconut cappuccino from Streatery

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